LaGrange Mechanical Services has completed multiple remote camp installation projects, installing and maintaining the sanitary, water and gas lines installations as well as demobilization of camps for relocation. In the most recent years LaGrange Mechanical has been constructing and providing sanitary and potable water holding tanks of all sizes for many remote camps in Northern Alberta. Crews and equipment can be mobilized rapidly in response to emergency situations such as the spring 2013 flood relief camps in Calgary. Our company has specialized in remote camp installation and has all the expertise to complete a professional installation inclusive of all mechanical services. The following mechanical services are available for camp installations:

  • Above-ground water, gas & sewer services
  • Lift stations
  • Propane & Natural gas distribution system
  • Potable water distribution
  • Wash car service
  • Drain cleaning
  • Refrigeration repair & installation
  • Furnace repair & service
  • Air conditioning repair & installation
  • Make-up air repair & installation
  • Appliance repair & replacement
  • Kitchen equipment repair
  • Auger & camera service
  • Underground water, gas & sewer services

LaGrange Mechanical ensures all of our employees are outfitted in service trucks that far suit the task at hand and will always have the best material and equipment to work with. Our highly experienced project managers pride themselves on the quality of work we can provide and will continuously work towards managing safe and efficient projects.