400 Barrel Sewer and Water Holding Tanks

Our units comply with all regulations, applicable laws and codes we can draw from our standard units or manufacture holding units to fit your needs. Each product has been inspected and LC/CSA approved by a certified Safety Codes officer. Stamped Engineered drawings are available upon request.

More detailed, and in some cases more restrictive, standards can be put in place where required.

We carry 15,000 Gallon potable water and sewer holding tanks. Each tank comes standard with 2” urethane foam insulated aluminum panels with 1-8 Kw 240 Volt heater very capable of withstanding the coldest climates.

These 400 Barrel tanks come complete with the following options:

  • 3” Vent
  • Fall arrest cable system in place on ladder
  • Engineered lifting lugs on top of unit
  • Thief hatch
  • Man way hatch
  • High level alarm (Sewer tanks only)
  • Full gauge board standard on all units